I wish I could tell you what they were, but I got an email a few minutes ago saying watch this space for a new AA.com.

The precious little from the tease:

We want you to be the first to hear the exciting news we will announce on Monday — the new look of AA.com. Next week, when you log on to AA.com, you will see your suggestions reflected in a major redesign that makes your favorite AA.com features more intuitive, smarter and easier to navigate.

The new AA.com is just the latest in a long list of milestones we have achieved over the past 15 years aimed at improving your online experience.

If you think about it, what is the single biggest change we’ve had in interacting with American, or any airline for that matter? I’ve probably had three phone conversations with AA agents — all pretty good ones — in the past three years for some unusual ticketing issues. Everything else has been through the website. Everything. Maybe you’ve had the same experience.

I think about AA.com (and Southwest.com, for that matter) and I don’t have too many complaints. I wish AA.com had better “real” information about loads and seats so we could make educated guesses about some flights to stand by for and that kind of thing. I wish there was a better tool that would really show total Oneworld ticket availability, which we all know is probably impossible in terms of getting machines to talk to each other from many different airlines to the point where consumers could query inventory. (Obviously, agents can do this, but gosh is it time-consuming. How many agents walk through 15 different overseas Oneworld ticket variations with customers and they don’t end up booking? That has to be a lot of expense…)

So we’ll see Monday what’s happening with AA.com. Maybe it’s just an interface re-fresh. Maybe they’ve got some new goodies to play with. Anybody hear anything out there?

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