Airline Biz received this comment Wednesday: “For goodness sake, please fix your website. I spend my time typing a comment (after logging in) and when I go to post it, I get a scrolling yellow bar that says to wait while we post your reply, the bars runs and runs and ruins for thirty minutes, my comment gets LOST!”

Since changed to a new way of handling blog comments in late May, I’ve heard from some of you who have been frustrated about the difficulty of commenting.

I know that number of comments on Airline Biz are a small fraction of the number we received before the change. I don’t know whether that’s a technical issue — the technology is making it hard to post a comment — or a reluctance to register on the site, as is now required to post comments.

Let me know at if you’ve had problems. Don’t comment on the blog on this item, lest you have technical issues. Also, who’s decided to quit commenting because of the registration requirement?

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