We’re banishing Jack the Cat from the Airline Biz blog.

We’d like to keep writing about him. But I’ve received enough nasty emails about items I’ve done on Jack the Cat that I’m moving him into blog oblivion.

Jack’s family understood that the items I wrote kept the focus on Jack and helped keep alive the public’s interest in the missing cat.

However, the world appears overly populated with humorless people who own cats that are praying for Jack’s return but don’t want writers writing about Jack unless it’s to write that the writers’ cats are praying for Jack’s return.

This group is highly critical of American Airlines for not devoting its full corporate resources to finding Jack the Cat and returning him to owner Karen Pascoe.

Understand, they are howling and hissing about American just as the airline is mourning anew the dead — the crews and passengers from the 9/11/2001 terrorist attacks. I’m surmising that they think that the airline has misplaced its priorities.

They’re upset because American, for some reason, is tired of all the personal attacks on the company on American’s Facebook page and has told them it will limit further Jack the Cat discussions on American’s page. They’re calling for a boycott of American.

I encourage them to boycott American as well as any other company they’re mad about for mistreating their pets. That would include just about every passenger airline in the United States, since most from time to time have lost animals or let animals die while in their possession.

It would probably be better for both pet and owner if they just rent a car and drive the animals from one place to another.

To Jack the Cat, I say, good luck and I hope you find your way back into your owner’s arms. The next best thing is for some cat lover to find you and love you as she did.

But watch out for the ones that want you to pray on Facebook.

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