American Airlines said Friday that fashion designers Ken Kaufman and Isaac Franco will design “new, more modern uniforms” for many of American’s employees this year.

We don’t know what the uniforms for pilots, flight attendants, customer service agent and premium service team members will look like. The KAUFMANFRANCO team will work with employees to develop the new duds.

The uniform changes comes a week after American unveiled its new logo and livery for its corporate identity.

Here are some snippets from the press release, which you can read in its entirety down below:

“We’re especially excited about the collaborative nature of this project, giving our people a role in the process to develop uniforms that will be both functional and fashionable.”

Denise Lynn, senior vice president of people

“We plan to mix the elegance of American’s rich fashion heritage and incredible style with today’s cutting-edge technology. It’s about creating a wardrobe inspired by our fashion runway for American’s runway.”

Ken Kaufman, fashion designer

“We recognize that individuals make up American’s incredible team and we are creating a wardrobe of pieces that will make each person look and feel amazing. We want to send a very powerful message when the plane door opens and a new iconic look emerges.”

Isaac Franco, fashion designer

The announcement notes that fleet service clerks will also get new uniforms designed by a different provider. Their uniforms “will incorporate a modern style reflecting the new look, with breathable, weather-compatible fabrics and comfortable styles tailored to their unique role.”

Keep reading for the entire press release.

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