Here is American Airlines’ update on the search for Jack the Cat, the orange tabby that got lost at New York’s Kennedy International Airport on Aug. 25 and has been the subject of an All Pets Bulletin ever since:

To everyone who shares our concern for Jack and supports our efforts to find him:

American Airlines and our employees continue to work diligently to find Jack and reunite him with Ms. Pascoe and Barry.

Here’s what’s new today. We have retained the pet detective that Ms. Pascoe (Jack’s owner) has suggested we use, and the detective will accompany Ms. Pascoe as part of our search efforts. By working directly with the detective, American can offer faster and more comprehensive access to AA’s JFK facilities. This is in addition to other ongoing efforts to find Jack, including:

■ Ms. Pascoe has accepted our offer to fly her from California to New York to assist with the search and see first-hand our efforts to locate Jack.

■ Food and water have been placed around the operation and is regularly replenished. If Jack feels comfortable returning to his kennel, we have placed food and water inside it as well.

■ American has consulted with the Mayor’s Alliance Society for NYC to set up Have-A-Heart humane traps that have been placed throughout the area.

■ Employees, including the American Airlines Managing Director in JFK, continue to walk the entire operation in search.

■ AA has placed posters in employee break-rooms, bulletin-boards on the ramp, and throughout our JFK facility. An alert has been placed on electronic bulletin boards visible to all employees from all departments.

■ All airside equipment, such as bag carts, is being inspected.

■ Extensive video footage from the immediate and surrounding areas is under review.

■ All airlines at JFK have received a flyer with a request for assistance.

■ Representatives from the Port Authority of New York, including a Wildlife Management representative, have provided recommendations for the search.

■ The Port Authority is making regular patrols of the airfield and has been provided with information and posters, which it has distributed to businesses on the airport property.

■ “Vet Port,” which provides veterinary services to the airport, airline and local airport businesses, has been alerted and is supporting the search effort.

■ Daily briefings are occurring to review progress and generate ideas for locating Jack.

■ American Airlines continues to conduct a thorough investigation into how Jack escaped and determine how we can learn from it.

We have adopted some of your ideas into our search plan and thank the community for your ongoing support for Jack during this period. We understand that a cat is a loved family member for so many, including many of our own employees, and we are doing our utmost to find Jack..

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