In a message Tuesday afternoon to American Airlines pilots, Allied Pilots Association president Keith Wilson advised that it would be smarter to take the deal negotiated by the union than to hope for something better.

Among his comments:

– “While martyrdom in the manner of Eastern Airlines is one option, I do not believe that the majority of our pilots would prefer to embark upon a path of self-destruction in order to make a political point or poke management in the eye.”

– “There are those among us who are driven by a personal and political agenda that has little to do with successfully emerging from bankruptcy with our profession and our jobs still intact. Instead, a relatively small group of former APA officers and committee members who were fired, not re-elected or just plain quit have decided that their political agenda is more important than the needs of the line pilot.”

– “The choices before you are simple: capture the gains that you have enabled APA to secure or remain engaged in a game of ‘Russian roulette’ with two chambers in the revolver having already been turned.”

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