The Association of Professional Flight Attendants sent out a midday update Friday that was short on details:

“APFA met with the company this week in an effort to seek improvements to the Term Sheet AA has been trying to implement via bankruptcy court. Some progress has been made and President Glading will be briefing the Board of Directors later today. Details are still being worked out. We will update the hotline again this evening.”

The union met Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday with American, which has a motion pending in bankruptcy court to throw out its contract with the flight attendant union.

“We still believe that reaching a consensual deal is the best outcome for the company and our people, and that continues to be our primary focus,” American spokesman Bruce Hicks said after the APFA update. “We look forward to continuing talks with APFA next week.”

American and the Transport Workers Union met Monday and Tuesday, and have another meeting planned for this coming Monday for a new contract covering mechanics and related employees and maintenance stock clerks.


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