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A US Airways employee on Saturday wrote me to ask that I publish the questions and answers about employee travel that I didn’t put on Friday’s posting.

That made me realize that there are a lot of US Airways employees that don’t know what’s going on the American Airlines internal website. So, understanding that this is inside baseball that non-employees won’t care about, I’ll put up some information that has been given to employees.

Here are the three Q&As that Friday that I didn’t publish.

1. Can I use American’s NRTP to flight list and check in for US Airways flights for travel beginning on March 1?

A. US Airways flights appear in NRTP today, and the user must select “All” from the “Airline” drop down menu on the “Find a Flight” screen to view flights operated by US and other airlines. US Airways will continue to appear just like all other airlines in NRTP until a later date, likely after the merger closes, when we are able to add more information on US Airways flights.

In addition to purchasing their electronic ZED or other reduced rate tickets, employees will be able to view flight schedules and availability indicators for all airlines, or a specific airline, in a given market using the myIDTravel tool. For more information on the tool, visit the myIDTravel document.

2. What is the travel priority for US Airways’ people traveling on American?

A. The new priority code for personal travel by our US Airways colleagues is US. This priority will fall ahead of all Other Airline employees on personal travel, and after American, American Eagle and Executive Airlines employees and TWA. A retirees.

3. My registered companion is a US Airways employee and that person is also my registered companion on American. Will that arrangement end? If so, when?

A. There are no changes to American’s travel program at this time, and US Airways continues to run its own travel program. This will continue at least until the transaction closes, and likely will continue for some time after closing. So, both programs remain “as is” for now, and it is too soon to say when things will change.

Below, I’ve put some Q&As from earlier messages to employees.

… [visit site to read more]

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