With the assent of the American Airlines lawyers, U.S. District Judge Sean Lane will get an extra two weeks to decide whether American can reject its collective bargaining agreements.

The judge had set June 6 as his deadline to stay within the 30 days laid out in the federal bankruptcy code. But he worried aloud Friday afternoon about being able to render a decision in such a complex case.

American counsel Jack Gallagher said American was “eager to accommodate the court” and suggested June 22 as a new deadline, which the judge quickly embraced.

Now, June 6 will be the deadline for American, the Allied Pilots Association, the Association of Professional Flight Attendants and the Transport Workers Union to file briefs that sum up their positions.

In the interest of relative brevity, the judge also asked each union to limit its brief to 30 pages and for American to limit its brief to 75 pages.

American is attempting under Section 1113 of the bankruptcy code to reject its contracts with the three unions and impose new terms of employment on them. However, five of the seven TWU bargaining units voted this week to accept American’s proposed contracts, so those are no longer part of the 1113 proceedings.

American presented its case April 23-27. The APA presented its case Monday through Wednesday, the APFA put on its case Wednesday through Friday morning, and TWU began its case around noon Friday.

With the TWU to finish presenting its case Monday or Tuesday of next week, the judge said he presumes the testimony including rebuttals should conclude by the end of that week.

The judge took note that the parties will have spent three weeks presenting their sides, an unusually long trial on Section 1113 motions. Lane said other cases have wrapped up in three days.

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