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There’s a scene in the 1982 movie “Poltergeist” in which the teenage daughter returns home to discover a lot of weird things happening, and screams, “What’s happening?!”

We wonder the same thing as we read the goings-on at the Southwest Airlines flight attendants’ union, Transport Workers Union Local 556.

The most recent events were, if I got it right:

– The union’s executive board suspended the vice president and treasurer after a member filed charges against them.

– A trial was scheduled for last Monday and Tuesday.

– The executive board tried to delay the trial at the last minute.

– President Stacy Martin ruled that the trial would go on.

– After the trial, the trial board on Tuesday found the two not guilty of the charges, lifting their suspensions.

– The executive board on Tuesday suspended Martin because he refused to delay the trial.

– With Martin suspended, the vice president, Chris Click, became the acting president.

– Click’s first act as acting president was to reinstate Martin as president.

Oh, but it becomes even more interesting from there.

According to a message Sunday from Martin to members, an executive board member, negotiating committee member and two other unidentified persons “broke into the President’s office and removed several documents. They further altered the Union Office by drilling out the current locks and replacing them with their own.”

According to a timeline provided members Sunday on Facebook, Martin “had the locks rekeyed immediately and the keycards revoked of those seen on camera performing these illegal actions.”

A Chicago-based flight attendant allegedly tried to enter the union offices Sunday using the new keys (that Martin had changed) and the keycard of the negotiator, then fled when he realized people were in the union offices, the timeline stated.

So that’s the Facebook version, which Martin controls.

What does the executive board have to say about all this? Here’s the board’s message on the local’s website Sunday:

“On behalf of the TWU Local 556 Executive Board, we are writing to you to express our most humble and sincere apologies for the events that have occurred yesterday and today. As reported, per Article XXI of the TWU Constitution, President Stacy Martin and 1st Vice President Chris Click were suspended from their Offices by the Executive Board last week. These two suspended Officers are behind the illegal and unauthorized use of Union assets and the unauthorized use of Union Communication mediums by which incorrect information was sent to our Members and vendors. This is a very sad time for the Members of Local 556 and the Flight Attendants of Southwest Airlines. Please know that all the other Members of your Local 556 Executive Board are hard at work and doing everything possible to right these wrongs and will hold accountable all parties responsible.

“In Unity,

“Your TWU Local 556 Executive Board”

Keep reading for Martin’s Sunday message and the timeline posted.

… [visit site to read more]

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