Flight attendants at Southwest Airlines and AirTran Airways approved an agreement Tuesday on how they would merge their seniority lists.

They join pilots and flight dispatchers for the two group in agreeing on how they would integrate their separate seniority lists, once AirTran is finally merged into Southwest.

The Southwest flight attendants are represented by the Transport Workers Union. The AirTran flight attendants are represented by the Association of Flight Attendants.

The TWU said 64 percent of Southwest flight attendants voted in favor of the agreement, while 91 percent of AirTran flight attendants voted yes.

“This is great news for our flight attendants at both airlines and for the passengers who will fly on the new expanded Southwest Airlines,” TWU Local 556 president Thom McDaniel said in the unions’ announcement.

“At Southwest Airlines, we understand the value of working together and finding common solutions. This agreement with AFA is a great example of continuing that tradition as we move forward for the continued success of our company and the culture that we’ve built at Southwest,” McDaniel said.

“Our flight attendants are ready to put this important milestone behind us”, AFA Council 57 president Alison Head said in the same announcement. Airline mergers are historically difficult, yet thousands of flight attendants at both airlines have once again shown that together we can continue to make history in this turbulent industry. Through this vote, AirTran and Southwest flight attendants have stated they are ready to move forward toward one exciting future”.

In Southwest’s announcement, executives touted the deal.

“i want to commend the company negotiating team for their leadership in facilitating an agreement and the unions for educating the membership and giving our flight attendants a chance to vote, and a voice in this process,” Southwest executive vice president and chief operating officer Mike Van de Ven said. “The flight attendants make up one of our largest work groups and to have this crucial first step in integration process complete is a testament to everyone involved.”

“I’m grateful for the many hours those on the negotiating teams dedicated to this effort,” said Mike Hafner, Southwest vice president of cabin services. “I’m pleased for the favorable outcome and excited we can now focus on the next steps in the integration process. The Southwest and AirTran flight attendants have proven they can rally together for the greater good of southwest airlines. I’m proud to lead such a passionate and committed work group, and we’re ready for all the exciting things to come.”

According to Southwest, TWU represents about 9,800 Southwest flight attendants, and the AFA represents nearly 2,400 AirTran flight attendants.

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