Tuesday March 21, 2023

American Airlines and its pilots’ union reach an “agreement in principle” — familiar territory for both parties

APA president Keith Wilson announces agreement at APA headquarters (PHOTO: Terry Maxon/Dallas Morning News)

American Eagle pilots approve tentative agreement by large margin

UPDATE, 1:45 p.m.: Confirmed, 75 percent of American Eagle pilots voted to approve a tentative agreement between the airline and the Air Line Pilots Association. “We are pleased with our pilots’ ratification of the tentative agreement reached with ALPA, marking another important step forward in our restructuring,” American Eagle spokeswoman Andrea Huguely said. “The ratified […]

Bankruptcy trustee objects to agreement to pay unions’ professional fees

The U.S. bankruptcy trustee is objecting to American Airlines’ agreement to pay professional fees incurred by the Transport Workers Union and Association of Professional Flight Attendants. In a limited objection to new contracts approved by TWU and APFA members, U.S. Trustee Tracy Hope Davis said those fees and expenses should undergo the same scrutiny as […]

Pilot union: US Airways has signed non-disclosure agreement with American Airlines

The U.S. Airline Pilots Association, which represents US Airways pilots, told its members Monday night that the US Airways board has decided to sign a non-disclosure agreement with merger target American Airlines, according to a message sent us late Monday. Among other things, that action has squelched discussions between American and the pilots’ unions at […]

Flight attendants at American Airlines approve the company’s last contract offer, leaving only the pilots group without a ratified agreement

Flight attendants at American Airlines Inc. have approved the company’s “last, best and final” labor contract offer. The Association of Professional Flight Attendants announced today on Twitter that 59.5 percent of its members voted in favor of the offer and 40.5 percent voted against it. Voting ended at 10 a.m. “In light of last week’s […]

American Eagle and its pilots reach a tentative agreement

The pilots’ union at American Eagle today said it reached a tentative agreement with the regional carrier after seven days of negotiations. The Air Line Pilots Association outlined in an online message to its members that the agreement includes no pay cuts, no changes to the company 401(k) retirement contributions and no longevity changes. Union […]

TWU sends out details of its US Airways agreement

The Transport Workers Union on Friday afternoon sent out the particulars of the term sheets it has signed with US Airways if there is, as US Airways and American’s unions hope, a merger between US Airways and American. Here are some things that caught our eye: • Up to 1,500 TWU members could take early […]

ALPA: We’ve reached agreement with American Eagle on leaves

The Air Line Pilots Association said Friday that it has negotiated a deal with American Eagle management to allow pilots to take leaves. That option could mitigate the need to furlough 50 pilots April 5. “We are pleased to announce that today, we reached a tentative agreement with Eagle management regarding Long Term Leaves of […]

APA: It doesn’t appear American Airlines wants a consensual agreement

In a Monday evening update to members, Allied Pilots Association president Dave Bates said it didn’t seem that American Airlines was willing to try to get a deal with the pilots’ union. Or, in Bates’ words, “it is becoming increasingly clear that management does not intend to reach a consensual agreement with APA in the […]

Southwest Airlines mechanics turn down agreement on seniority integration, while AirTran counterparts approve the deal

Mechanics at Southwest Airlines turned down an agreement on how the seniority lists of Southwest and AirTran Airways would be blended together as the two airlines merge their operations, the union and Southwest said Tuesday. However, AirTran mechanics — represented by the International Brotherhood of Teamsters — overwhelmingly approved the deal. Southwest mechanics are represented […]