Sunday October 1, 2023

American Airlines cancels about 60 D/FW flights as Nemo disrupts airline traffic to and from the northeastern United States

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Airline strike votes, the latest thing?

It occurs to us that we’re seeing a number of airline unions announcing strike votes this year. The latest call for a strike vote came Tuesday from US Airways flight attendants and the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA. That union recently turned down a tentative agreement, the second such proposal rejected this year. Those flight attendants […]

American Eagle mechanics reject contract deal with airline

American Eagle mechanics and related employees rejected a new deal with the airline by a two-thirds vote. Fleet service clerks approved their deal by a two-thirds vote.  

Moody’s sees airline industry as stable (if the economy doesn’t go down or fuel prices go up)

Moody’s Investors Services has come out with a Goldilock’s view on the global airline industry. It doesn’t expect it to be too hot, nor too cold. Here are its bullet points, and we quote: » Our outlook for the global airline industry is stable based on our view that high fuel costs and economic headwinds […]

Airline stocks face challenges

Airline stocks end 2011 with a sputter and brace for a challenging 2012, reports MarketWatch. Airline revenue has grown through airfare hikes and more fees, but carriers face volatile fuel prices and a weak global economy. “It’s going to be another tough year for airlines,” GimmieCredit bond analyst Vicki Bryan told MarketWatch. “We had a […]

American helped launch other airline CEOs

Four of today’s U.S. airline CEOs launched their careers from the same American Airlines’ office in the 1980s amid the early days of deregulation, The Associated Press reported. They are American’s Tom Horton, Spirit Airlines’ Ben Baldanza, US Airways’ Doug Parker and Virgin America’s David Cush, according to the AP article. “You didn’t know where […]

Airline concerns on the rise

American Airlines isn’t the only U.S. carrier with issues. United Continental Holdings’ shares on Friday were down $1.10 to $19.16 as of 12:30 Central Time as some analysts cut their fourth-quarter profit estimates based on weaker-than-expected revenue. Shares had fallen as much as $1.86 earlier on Friday. United Continental said late Thursday in a federal […]

No. 9 on our Top 10 airline stories: DOT gets aggressive in watching out for passengers

The U.S. Department of Transportation, under the direction of Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, has been noticeably aggressive in protecting the interest of passengers. As of this week, the DOT has filed 60 orders finding that airlines had violated various laws and regulations, and issued civil penalties of more than $6 million. Fifty of the penalties […]

One airline may be the high bidder for LaGuardia, Washington National slots (Is it Southwest Airlines?)

With Tuesday afternoon’s deadline for airlines to bid for slots at New York LaGuardia and Washington National passed, it looks like the high bids for the three bundles of slots is $104,000,150.03. And if the style of bids is any indication, the same airline was the high bidder for all three groups of slots. Why […]

A couple of things from the airline industry

Spirit plans to buy a bunch of airplanes. Spirit Airlines and Airbus said Tuesday they’ve signed a memo of understanding for Spirit to buy 75 aircraft from the Airbus A320 family – 30 of the current general and 45 of the A320 neo aircraft. The airplanes would be delivered between 2016 and 2021. These airplanes […]