Tuesday May 30, 2023

AirTran kicks a whole bunch of students off a NYC-Atlanta flight

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Southwest Airlines will cut 300 AirTran jobs at the Atlanta airport as its flight strategy there changes

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AirTran to start Chicago service to Jamaica, the Dominican Republic

AirTran Airways will begin service from Chicago Midway to two Caribbean destinations beginning this spring, parent Southwest Airlines said Thursday. It’ll operate flights four days a week to Montego Bay, Jamaica, beginning April 14, and four days a week to Punta Cana, the Dominican Republic, beginning May 19. By that time, we expect Southwest and […]

Southwest Airlines is preparing to link its network with AirTran Airways

Southwest Airlines chairman and CEO Gary Kelly told an investment conference Friday that Southwest is about to begin connecting its network with AirTran Airways by beginning code-sharing. Eventually, that’ll mean a traveler can buy a single ticket that has both Southwest and AirTran flights, such as flying from Dallas to Cancun or Mexico City through […]

AirTran gets approval for Chicago Midway-Cancun route

Parent Southwest Airlines announced Thursday that the U.S. Department of Transportation had awarded a Chicago-Cancun, Mexico, route to AirTran Airways. AirTran and Frontier in January had sought the route, with AirTran planning to fly from Midway Airport and Frontier proposing to fly from O’Hare International Airport. With U.S. approval, AirTran just needs Mexican government approval […]

Southwest Airlines mechanics turn down agreement on seniority integration, while AirTran counterparts approve the deal

Mechanics at Southwest Airlines turned down an agreement on how the seniority lists of Southwest and AirTran Airways would be blended together as the two airlines merge their operations, the union and Southwest said Tuesday. However, AirTran mechanics — represented by the International Brotherhood of Teamsters — overwhelmingly approved the deal. Southwest mechanics are represented […]

January traffic and capacity decline for Southwest Airlines, AirTran Airways

The combined traffic of Southwest Airlines and AirTran Airways declined 2.7 percent in January, on a 0.7 percent reduction in capacity compared to January 2011, Southwest said Tuesday. The percentage of seats filled declined 1.5 points to 74.3 percent. [CORRECTION: Above numbers have been corrected. Earlier figures were incorrect.] Southwest said that the passenger revenue […]

AirTran to begin flying from Denver and Austin to Cancun

Southwest Airlines, the owner of AirTran Airways, said Friday that AirTran has received U.S. permission to fly from Denver and Austin to Cancun. We can interpret that to mean, also, that Southwest Airlines will someday fly from Denver and Austin to Cancun. Eventually, AirTran will be absorbed into Southwest, and so will its route system. […]

Southwest and AirTran flight attendants approve deal to merge seniority lists

Flight attendants at Southwest Airlines and AirTran Airways approved an agreement Tuesday on how they would merge their seniority lists. They join pilots and flight dispatchers for the two group in agreeing on how they would integrate their separate seniority lists, once AirTran is finally merged into Southwest. The Southwest flight attendants are represented by […]

Flight instructors at AirTran, Southwest agree on seniority integration

Fight instructors at Southwest Airlines Co. and AirTran Airways Inc. have approved an agreement on how they would combine their seniority lists, Southwest said Wednesday. “I want to commend all the parties involved for accomplishing something that is very rare in the airline industry–a successfully negotiated integration agreement outside of arbitration,” said Chuck Magill, Southwest’s […]