Monday June 1, 2020

Southwest Airlines commits to keep 22 AirTran cities, will close six others

Southwest Airlines and AirTran Airways said Friday that Southwest has decided to keep 22 U.S. and international cities now served by AirTran, but will end service in August to six others. Among the group that are being kept are bigger airports like Charlotte, N.C., and Memphis, Tenn., and smaller ones like Pensacola, Fla., Flint, Mich., […]

AirTran, Frontier to battle it out for Chicago-Cancun rights

The U.S. Department of Transportation has opened up a route proceeding that will decide whether Frontier Airlines or AirTran Airways will get the right to fly between Chicago and Cancun, Mexico. The U.S.-Mexico air treaty allows three U.S. carriers on that route. United Airlines and American Airlines already hold those rights, but the third carrier […]

No. 2 on our Top 10 for 2011: Southwest Airlines and AirTran Airways merge

This was also a 2010 story, dating from the Sept. 27, 2010, announcement that the two low-cost carriers would be joining forces. But Southwest didn’t close the deal until May 2, 2011, shortly after the U.S. Justice Department gave its blessing or, more accurately, didn’t put a big frown on it. With the addition of […]

Southwest and AirTran flight attendants’ unions reach agreement

The two unions representing more than 12,000 flight attendants at Southwest Airlines Co. and AirTran Airways Inc. have reached an agreement about seniority and other issues, which are key steps toward full integration. Transport Workers Union Local 556, which represents about 10,000 Southwest flight attendants, said Monday that it and the Association of Flight Attendants […]

No. 6 on our Top 10 stories for 2011: DFW Airport welcomes Qantas, Spirit, says goodbye to AirTran

Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport had to say goodbye in 2011 to AirTran Airways in November as new owner Southwest Airlines would have faced penalties from a 2006 deal if it kept flying out of that airport. But offsetting the loss of AirTran was the May arrival of another low-fare carrier, Spirit Airlines. Spirit began service […]

AirTran Airways packs up and leaves D/FW Airport

AirTran Airways will operate its last flight at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport on Monday evening when Flight 102 departs at 6:27 p.m. (as scheduled). The 2006 Wright amendment compromise would penalize AirTran’s new owner, Southwest Airlines, if it continued to operate its subsidiary, AirTran, out of Dallas/Fort Worth Airport. Therefore, AirTran ceases its daily service […]

AirTran to add Mexico routes from San Antonio, Orange County

Southwest Airlines on Sunday announced new service coming next spring for it and subsidiary AirTran Airways, with the big changes coming on AirTran routes to Mexico. Bob Jordan, Southwest EVP and AirTran president, said AirTran is applying for permission to fly from San Antonio to Mexico City and Cancun in May and from Orange County/John […]

Southwest Airlines, AirTran pilots overwhelming approve plan to combine seniority lists

Southwest Airlines and AirTran Airways pilots overwhelmingly approved a plan to combine the seniority lists of the two carriers, with five out of six pilots voting in favor, their unions said Monday. The approval clears the way for Southwest to begin bringing AirTran pilots and airplanes into Southwest Airlines, a process expected to begin in […]

Southwest, AirTran pilot leadership have another agreement to integrate seniority lists

From Southwest: Southwest Airlines is pleased to announce a tentative agreement has been reached between the Southwest Airlines Pilots’ Association (SWAPA), the union representing Southwest Airlines Pilots, and the Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA), the union representing the pilots of AirTran Airways. This tentative agreement would integrate the two groups’ seniority lists. SWAPA’s Board of […]

Gary Kelly talks about AirTran pilot leaders turning down seniority integration agreement

Last week, the Air Line Pilots Association leadership at AirTran Airways decided not to send a seniority integration agreement to its members. The Master Executive Council at AirTran rejected the deal negotiated between ALPA, Southwest Airlines and the Southwest Airlines Pilots’ Assocation. On Monday, Southwest Airlines chairman and CEO Gary Kelly answered questions about the […]