Sunday October 1, 2023

American Airlines-US Airways hearing: Written testimony from APA, APFA leaders

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APFA says it has approved a merger ‘memorandum of understanding’

The Association of Professional Flight Attendants issued this statement just after 9:30 p.m. Thursday: “APFA has agreed to a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), clarifying several points contained within the Bridge Agreement the union signed with US Airways last Spring. This MOU further illuminates the financial benefits of a merger to AMR’s creditors. APFA is currently […]

APFA applauds start of merger talks between US Airways, American Airlines

The Association of Professional Flight Attendants, which represents American Airlines flight attendants, quickly put out a note Friday morning applauding the announcement that US Airways and American Airlines are talking merger. “APFA looks forward to the prospects of a merger now that US Airways (LCC) has signed AA’s non-disclosure agreement (NDA). “The NDA, which contains […]

APFA is happy, too, that American Airlines will begin looking at mergers

Association of Professional Flight Attendants president Laura Glading’s statement: “This is something we have been pushing for. We firmly believe that the only way our company can grow and compete is through a merger prior to exiting bankruptcy. There is still a great deal of work to do, but between Mr. Horton’s announcement today and […]

APFA reports ‘some progress’ in American Airlines contract talks

The Association of Professional Flight Attendants sent out a midday update Friday that was short on details: “APFA met with the company this week in an effort to seek improvements to the Term Sheet AA has been trying to implement via bankruptcy court. Some progress has been made and President Glading will be briefing the […]

APFA: We and American Airlines want to reopen contract talks

The Association of Professional Flight Attendants put out this hotline late Monday evening: “APFA and the Company have been in contact with each other regarding negotiations and both parties have expressed their desire to return to the table. “APFA continues to examine the potential deal between APA and management, along with our attorneys and other […]

American Airlines responds to APFA expert Akins

As you’ll note by the item down lower in the blog, industry economist Dan Akins testified on behalf of the Association of Professional Flight Attendants that American Airlines’ business plan has severe deficiencies. Thursday evening, American spokesman Bruce Hicks offered these responses: In defense of American’s network as proposed in the business plan: “We are […]

APFA puts up FAQs on its merger deal

We’ve put the Q&A from the Association of Professional Flight Attendants here. Keep reading if you want to see what allegedly is in the term sheets for American’s flight attendants. Why now? To say that American Airlines is facing a challenging time is an understatement. Despite the sacrifices we have made over the years, management’s […]

APFA explains to flight attendants why it is asking for binding arbitration

Binding arbitration presents real risks to unions because there’s always a chance that the labor groups will lose parts of their contract that took decades to secure. Despite that danger, the Association of Professional Flight Attendants asked the National Mediation Board on Thursday to proffer binding arbitration to the union and American Airlines on potential […]

APFA to AA: ‘Take it or leave it’ isn’t negotiating

After American Airlines criticized the Association of Professional Flight Attendants on Friday for taking care of other matters last week rather than negotiating, the union’s president struck back Saturday. In a negotiations update to members, APFA president Laura Glading said the company is turning down all the union’s counter-proposals. “A stance of ‘take or leave […]