Tuesday December 6, 2022

American Airlines flight attendants raise the $64,000 question

Flight attendants at American Airlines are filing documents with the U.S. bankruptcy court disputing American’s contention that they average $64,000 a year in compensation. What set them off was a statement in American’s request to reject the current Association of Professional Flight Attendants contract. In that statement, the carrier said that flight attendants who worked […]

APFA explains to flight attendants why it is asking for binding arbitration

Binding arbitration presents real risks to unions because there’s always a chance that the labor groups will lose parts of their contract that took decades to secure. Despite that danger, the Association of Professional Flight Attendants asked the National Mediation Board on Thursday to proffer binding arbitration to the union and American Airlines on potential […]

APFA says American has 500 too many flight attendants for March

The Association of Professional Flight Attendants told members Sunday that American Airlines is looking for volunteers for leaves to avoid a surplus of flight attendants next month. Here’s the hotline: “This week American announced that they would be opening voluntary options to help manage a current overage of 500 Flight Attendants. This overage is a […]

Southwest and AirTran flight attendants approve deal to merge seniority lists

Flight attendants at Southwest Airlines and AirTran Airways approved an agreement Tuesday on how they would merge their seniority lists. They join pilots and flight dispatchers for the two group in agreeing on how they would integrate their separate seniority lists, once AirTran is finally merged into Southwest. The Southwest flight attendants are represented by […]

Southwest and AirTran flight attendants’ unions reach agreement

The two unions representing more than 12,000 flight attendants at Southwest Airlines Co. and AirTran Airways Inc. have reached an agreement about seniority and other issues, which are key steps toward full integration. Transport Workers Union Local 556, which represents about 10,000 Southwest flight attendants, said Monday that it and the Association of Flight Attendants […]

ExpressJet and ASA flight attendants pick IAM as bargaining representative

Flight attendants at ExpressJet and Atlantic Southeast Airlines have voted to be represented by the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers, the National Mediation Board said Wednesday. “Today’s victory is the result of an extraordinary campaign among flight attendants from both carriers,” IAM general vice president Robert Roach, Jr. said. “Flight attendants carefully compared […]

Virgin America flight attendants vote against joining a union

Flight attendants at Virgin America have voted against being represented by the Transport Workers Union, the National Mediation Board said Tuesday. The NMB said 223 employees voted in favor of TWU representation, while 324 voted for no representation. We take note that the election results were the same under the new rules – a majority […]

American Eagle service notice of potential layoffs of DFW-based pilots, flight attendants

American Eagle, the commuter affiliate of American Airlines, has notified employees that it may need to furlough 119 pilots and 99 flight attendants as it shrinks its Dallas/Fort Worth operations. “Unfortunately, this is but one of the tough decisions we will need to make in the coming months to build a stronger financial future for […]

American Airlines flight attendants union doesn’t approve of London residence

Reuters and then others reported Wednesday that American Airlines owns a residence in London, with one real estate person saying it could be worth as much as $30 million. Here’s what Laura Glading, president of the Association of Professional Flight Attendants, had to say about the property in a Wednesday hotline to members: “We know […]

American Airlines is seeking flight attendants to take six-month leaves

American Airlines, which is trimming capacity a bit in the fourth quarter, is offering six-month personal leaves of absence to its flight attendants. Said American spokeswoman Missy Cousino: “American Airlines is offering at least 200 flight attendants the opportunity to take six-month Proffered Leaves of Absence (PLOA) starting this November through April 2012. PLOA are […]