Sunday October 1, 2023

FAA will keep contract towers open through Sept. 30

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American Airlines wants to shorten time to get court approval of pilots’ contract

About an hour after the Allied Pilots Association announced that American Airlines pilots had approved a new contract with the carrier, American filed papers in U.S. Bankruptcy Court asking to shorten the time needed to get a judge’s blessing for the contract. One rule in bankruptcy court requires at least 21 days’ notice before a […]

Oklahoma governor, North Texas leaders applaud new American Airlines pilot contract

Yes, Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin, Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings, Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price and Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport CEO Jeff Fegan did take time out from their busy schedules Friday to take note of, and give their approval to, the passage of a new contract by American Airlines pilots. But consider that American’s maintenance […]

APA president advises American Airlines pilots not to play Russian roulette by voting down proposed contract

In a message Tuesday afternoon to American Airlines pilots, Allied Pilots Association president Keith Wilson advised that it would be smarter to take the deal negotiated by the union than to hope for something better. Among his comments: – “While martyrdom in the manner of Eastern Airlines is one option, I do not believe that […]

APA president tells members why he’lll vote yes for new contract

Allied Pilots Association president Keith Wilson told members Friday that he voted no on the first tentative agreement last summer, but that he’ll be voting yes on the second one that’s been handed to member now. Here’s his message: I voted “no” last time Fellow pilots, With the APA Board of Directors’ vote to approve […]

Pilots’ union at American Airlines seeks shorter contract, other bargaining priorities

The pilots’ union at American Airlines finished its second week of resumed negotiations with management reiterated its goal for “an industry-standard contract.” In an electronic message sent to members yesterday, the Allied Pilots Association noted that a  ” ‘Son of LBFO [last, best and final offer] or some derivation thereof” from American will not meet […]

American Airlines holds off on implementing some contract items unpopular with pilots

Laura Einspanier, American Airlines vice president of employee relations, informed pilots Tuesday night that the air carrier would hold off on implementing some unpopular changes to the pilots’ terms of employment. Among the items being deferred for October were plans to eliminate night pay, and to pay pilots for actual time flown on international flights […]

APA board to discuss possible return to contract talks

Allied Pilots Association president Keith Wilson sent a letter to pilots Monday evening with this message: “This afternoon I received a letter from Denise Lynn, American Airlines’ Senior Vice President-People, expressing the desire to re-engage in negotiations with APA. In response, I have scheduled a special meeting of the APA Board of Directors that will […]

American Eagle mechanics reject contract deal with airline

American Eagle mechanics and related employees rejected a new deal with the airline by a two-thirds vote. Fleet service clerks approved their deal by a two-thirds vote.  

Flight attendants at American Airlines approve the company’s last contract offer, leaving only the pilots group without a ratified agreement

Flight attendants at American Airlines Inc. have approved the company’s “last, best and final” labor contract offer. The Association of Professional Flight Attendants announced today on Twitter that 59.5 percent of its members voted in favor of the offer and 40.5 percent voted against it. Voting ended at 10 a.m. “In light of last week’s […]