Sunday October 1, 2023

American Airlines resubmits to the U.S. Bankruptcy Court its request to toss its labor contract with pilots (UPDATED)

American Airlines Inc. has refiled its request to toss its labor contract with pilots in U.S. Bankruptcy Court. American’s renewed request follows U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Sean Lane’s decision on Wednesday to deny American’s initial request after pilots last week voted down a tentative contract agreement.  Lane said the airline’s proposal for unlimited furloughs and changes […]

Bankruptcy judge denies American Airlines’ request to toss its pilots contract, but supports other arguments made by the Fort Worth-based carrier (UPDATED, 6 P.M.)

A U.S. Bankruptcy judge today denied American Airlines Inc.’s request to toss out its collective bargaining agreement with about 10,000 pilots, saying the airline’s proposal to furlough 450 pilots and change flight code-sharing were not justified by its business plan or the practices of rival airlines. However, Judge Sean Lane ruling agreed with American that […]

Hale: If pilots reject new contract, American Airlines will reject old contract

John Hale, American Airlines vice president of flight, told pilots Friday that the carrier will throw out the existing labor contract if Allied Pilot Association members reject a tentative agreement. Hale, in his weekly hotline, said he needed to address “some misinformation out there,” namely about American’s plans in the event that pilots turn down […]

American Eagle flight attendants will vote Aug. 8-Sept. 5 on new contract

Under cost-cutting pressure from American Eagle management, Association of Flight Attendants leaders voted Thursday to send a tentative agreement to a vote by the 1,800 American Eagle flight attendants. “We forced onerous concessions off the table, mitigated the ones we accepted and negotiated early snap-backs for some of them,” said Robert Barrow, president of Eagle’s […]

Details released on proposed APFA-American Airlines contract

We now have details: – $40,000 early-out bonus for flight attendants with at least 15 years’ service. – $1,500 lump-sum payment on date of signing – Pay raises each year for six years:                        2012                    2.0%                       2013                    1.5%                       2014                    1.0%                       2015                    1.0%                       2016                    1.0%                       Cumulative          6.7%   There’s a lot […]

APA board member: Here’s why pilots should vote down American Airlines contract

The Allied Pilots Association board of directors voted 9-7 to accept a tentative agreement and send it to members for a vote. One of those that voted against it has told his members why they shouldn’t vote for it. Washington, D.C., base chairman William Gary wrote: “The bottom line: “The AMR LBFO is well below […]

Pilot negotiators say American Eagle may ask for contract rejections soon

The negotiating team for American Eagle’s pilots told members Friday that the regional carrier has warned that it’ll ask a bankruptcy judge to let it rejects pilot contract if there isn’t a deal soon. The Air Line Pilots Association negotiators said management isn’t budging much from its original March 21 “term sheet.” “It now says […]

APFA reports ‘some progress’ in American Airlines contract talks

The Association of Professional Flight Attendants sent out a midday update Friday that was short on details: “APFA met with the company this week in an effort to seek improvements to the Term Sheet AA has been trying to implement via bankruptcy court. Some progress has been made and President Glading will be briefing the […]

APFA: We and American Airlines want to reopen contract talks

The Association of Professional Flight Attendants put out this hotline late Monday evening: “APFA and the Company have been in contact with each other regarding negotiations and both parties have expressed their desire to return to the table. “APFA continues to examine the potential deal between APA and management, along with our attorneys and other […]

Judge gets more time to rule on contract rejections at American Airlines

With the assent of the American Airlines lawyers, U.S. District Judge Sean Lane will get an extra two weeks to decide whether American can reject its collective bargaining agreements. The judge had set June 6 as his deadline to stay within the 30 days laid out in the federal bankruptcy code. But he worried aloud […]