Sunday October 1, 2023

UPDATE: American Eagle unions want to delay American Airlines deal with Republic Airlines

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Airbus sweetens airplane deal with American Airlines (but we’re not sure how much)

American Airlines on Wednesday evening filed a motion in U.S. Bankruptcy Court that seeks approval to proceed with its purchase of Boeing and Airbus airplanes. In the 20-page document, American indicates that Airbus has given it better terms than when the airline first announced the airplane deals in July 2011. It sounds pretty good. But […]

APA negotiators: We’re working hard, but there’s still no deal

As we wrote Friday evening, the Allied Pilots Association’s negotiating committee told members Sunday that pay and scope are two key issues still at issue in the negotiations between the APA and American Airlines. The committee said it hopes to have a proposal to the APA board sometime in the coming week. Here’s the Sunday afternoon […]

APA board goes home without a deal with American Airlines

The Allied Pilots Association’s board of directors adjourned Friday afternoon with no new contract to announce with American Airlines. We hear that a deal has largely been reached except for the issue of scope – who does flying on behalf of American. And that is a very big issue. The union has largely accepted the […]

American Eagle mechanics reject contract deal with airline

American Eagle mechanics and related employees rejected a new deal with the airline by a two-thirds vote. Fleet service clerks approved their deal by a two-thirds vote.  

Negotiators for American Eagle, flight attendants reach tentative deal

American Eagle and the Association of Flight Attendants said Friday that their negotiators have reached a tentative agreement for a new contract. “American Eagle is pleased we were able to reach a tentative agreement with the Association of Flight Attendants on a new contract that will help Eagle effectively compete for American’s business,” American Eagle […]

TWU deal squeaked by vote of negotiating team

It appears that the Transport Workers Union presidents negotiating team approved a tentative agreement for maintenance and related workers by a very close 9-7 vote. (As was pointed out to me, the team was more than just local presidents.)  Votes for     Local Member Position 501, New York Vinnie Argentina At-large executive board member […]

Southwest Airlines says it has deal with dispatchers

Southwest Airlines announced late Wednesday that it has a tentative agreement with its dispatchers, represented by the Transport Workers Union. The deal covers five years to November 2014. The current contract became amendable in November 2009. The National Mediation Board became involved in early 2011. “I am extremely proud of both negotiation teams and their […]

TWU local presidents urge members to reject American Airlines deal

Presidents of four Transport Workers Union locals have made a two-part video urging members to vote against American Airlines’ “last, best” offer. Speaking on the video were John T. Ruiz, Local 564, western United States; Bob Owens, Local 562 president, New York and northeastern United States; Jorge Rojas, Local 561 president, Miami and Florida; and […]

American Airlines says revised TWU deal would save over 3,000 jobs

In the wake of the Transit Workers Union’s release of its US Airways term sheets, American Airlines spokesman Bruce Hicks issued this statement: “As we’ve said from the start, American Airlines’ goal is to reach consensual agreements with all of our unions. That’s why we’ve worked hard with the TWU over the last several weeks […]