Friday December 8, 2023

This is unusual: Delta Air Lines plans to pay a dividend

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Delta Air Lines CEO: 2013 is the year to advance its global position

Richard Anderson, chief executive of Delta Air Lines, told his worldwide staff today in a year-end letter that 2013 will be a break-away year for the carrier. “We enter 2013 as a stronger airline, ready to continue improving our performance and executing on our key strategic initiatives,” Anderson said. “With many of our competitors still […]

No. 4 on our top 10 stories of 2012: Delta, Virgin Atlantic become close buddies

If there were a hole in Delta Air Lines’ network, it perhaps would be its lack of capacity between the United States and London Heathrow. That market is recognized as perhaps the most valuable in carrying premium travelers (think high-fare passengers). The alliance of American Airlines and British Airways gave them a dominating position that […]

No. 9 on our top 10 stories of 2012: Southwest Airlines sends its Boeing 717s to Delta, and pays for the privilege

When Southwest Airlines bought AirTran Airways, the smaller carrier brought with it a fleet of 88 airplanes, the Boeing 717, that was unlike the Boeing 737s that Southwest flies. Southwest with few exceptions has flown only variations of the Boeing 737, so eyebrows were raised when officials said they planned to keep AirTran’s 717s. “It’s […]

Southwest Airlines will pay $100 million cost to repaint, refurbish jets for Delta

Southwest Airlines is really glad to turn its Boeing 717s over to Delta Air Lines. So glad, in fact, that Southwest is paying the $100 million needed to repaint the 88 jets and redo their interiors. That’s $50 million more than Southwest was planning to spend to convert those airplanes, now in the AirTran Airways […]

Delta pilots to get pay rate increases of close to 20% by 2015

The pilot union chairman at Delta Air Lines told members Monday some of the details in the new tentative agreement announced last week. All told, pay rates will increase about 19.7 percent between date of signing and Jan. 1, 2015. Among the particulars: • A 4 percent increase in pay on the date of signing. […]

How a US Airways-American Airlines merger would stack up against United and Delta

Category AMR US Airways Combined Delta United Operating revenues $23,979 $13,055 $37,034 $35,115 $37,110 Operating profit -$1,054 $426 -$628 $1,975 $1,822 Net income -$1,979 $71 -$1,908 $769 $840 Traffic 126,444 72,603 199,047 168,282 181,763 Capacity 154,254 60,779 215,034 203,450 219,437 Employees 80,697 32,257 112,954 82,181 87,440 Operating revenues, operating profit and net income in millions […]

WSJ: Delta looking at a US Airways merger

The Wall Street Journal reported Friday that Delta, the nation’s second biggest carrier, is considering a bid to buy US Airways. Does this fall into the “what goes around comes around” category? Or is Delta just messing with US Airways’ mind? While operating in bankruptcy court, Delta Air Lines had to fight off a Nov. […]

WSJ reports Delta and TPG Capital are interested in AMR

Delta Air Lines Inc. and private equity firm TPG Capital are separately assessing potential bids for AMR Corp., the Fort Worth-based parent of American Airlines, The Wall Street Journal reported today. The newspaper attributed the information to people familiar with the matter. AMR filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in late November. It’s in the midst […]

No. 4 on our Top 10 for 2012: Delta and US Airways swap slots at New York LaGuardia, Washington National

We won’t know how big this deal will be for Delta Air Lines until the carrier implements its new schedule in 2012, builds new facilities and amenities and has time for the market to adjust. But its ability to add 132 daily flights out of New York’s most popular airport looms very big, particularly since […]