Tuesday May 30, 2023

American Airlines launches D/FW flights to Seoul, South Korea

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National Air Traffic Controllers Association representative says staff shortage created “domino effect” yesterday at D/FW Airport

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D/FW Airport and American Airlines unveil first phase of new Terminal A

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American Airlines cancels about 60 D/FW flights as Nemo disrupts airline traffic to and from the northeastern United States

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D/FW Airport does okay on healthy food, hassle factors

We’ve got a couple of releases that speak fairly well of Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, or at least okay. The latest, out Monday morning, says that the airport ranked 10th out of 18 airports for healthy food. The scores are based on what percentage of restaurants offer at least one low-fat, cholesterol-free, vegetarian meal. The […]

UPDATE from D/FW Airport: ‘Suspicious bag’ has been removed to remote location

We have this 3:30 p.m. Friday update from Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport about the suspicious-bag incident:  DFW Airport Department of Public Safety (DPS) personnel have completed the investigation of a suspicious bag located in Terminal C and have departed the scene.  The suspicious bag was removed from the terminal area within the last hour and […]

D/FW Airport to lower landing fees for rest of fiscal year

Airlines that use Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport will pay landing fees of $2.47 per 1,000 pounds of landed weight between now and the end of the airport’s fiscal year, from June through September. That’s down 26 percent from the airport’s landing fee at the start of the fiscal year Oct. 1 and down 18 percent […]

Thunderstorms are messing up D/FW Airport arrivals and departures

We have this message from Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport: DFW International Airport Severe Weather Statement Wednesday, June 6, 6:00 PM Due to a series of thunderstorms in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, DFW International Airport is currently tracking 65 diverted flights and has implemented its Irregular Operations Concessions Plan (IROPS) in all five terminals. During IROPS […]

D/FW travelers have a new way to get to New York, Boston and Phoenix

A couple of airlines have begun or are beginning new service from Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport and some popular destinations. On Thursday, Spirit Airlines began a single flight a day each to Boston and Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport. “We’re all about giving customers the opportunity to save money on air travel and today travelers from throughout […]

Parsons: This is a D/FW fare sale worth noticing

Air-fare sales seem to be like department-store sales – they happen every week and the sale prices don’t look much different, week to week. However, Tom Parsons of BestFares.com says we should pay attention to the Dallas/Fort Worth fare sale that American Airlines launched this week – through Thursday – for travel between April 10 […]