Tuesday May 30, 2023

GSA: Don’t count on Southwest Airlines to keep fares down

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Traffic, loads up for U.S. airlines, but unit revenues were down in May

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The end in sight: American Airlines bankruptcy case is winding down

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As American Airlines closes down its Alliance base, we pass along an insider’s view

Someone who works at American Airlines’ maintenance base at Alliance Airport offered this perspective on the base’s imminent closing: “I usually don’t rant or expound on matters. A wise gentleman once told me, ‘Never pass up the opportunity to say nothing at all.’ And I try to live by that. However,,, “I would regret not […]

APA president advises American Airlines pilots not to play Russian roulette by voting down proposed contract

In a message Tuesday afternoon to American Airlines pilots, Allied Pilots Association president Keith Wilson advised that it would be smarter to take the deal negotiated by the union than to hope for something better. Among his comments: – “While martyrdom in the manner of Eastern Airlines is one option, I do not believe that […]

American Airlines will ask judge to toss out labor contracts if unions turn down their deals

An American Airlines spokesman confirmed Friday afternoon that the carrier will ask U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Sean Lane to toss out the collective bargaining agreements of unions that turn down the company’s latest contract proposals. Earlier Friday, John Hale, American Airlines vice president of operations, told pilots that American will ask Lane to let the carrier […]

APA board member: Here’s why pilots should vote down American Airlines contract

The Allied Pilots Association board of directors voted 9-7 to accept a tentative agreement and send it to members for a vote. One of those that voted against it has told his members why they shouldn’t vote for it. Washington, D.C., base chairman William Gary wrote: “The bottom line: “The AMR LBFO is well below […]

Moody’s sees airline industry as stable (if the economy doesn’t go down or fuel prices go up)

Moody’s Investors Services has come out with a Goldilock’s view on the global airline industry. It doesn’t expect it to be too hot, nor too cold. Here are its bullet points, and we quote: » Our outlook for the global airline industry is stable based on our view that high fuel costs and economic headwinds […]

APA board turns down American Airlines’ latest offer to pilots

With a judge’s ruling looming, the Allied Pilots Association’s board of directors decided 11-5 Wednesday not to send American Airlines Inc.’s “last, best” contract offer to pilots for a vote. “In explaining their opposition to approving the offer as a tentative agreement, a number of Board members cited the lack of specificity in various areas […]

Southwest Airlines mechanics turn down agreement on seniority integration, while AirTran counterparts approve the deal

Mechanics at Southwest Airlines turned down an agreement on how the seniority lists of Southwest and AirTran Airways would be blended together as the two airlines merge their operations, the union and Southwest said Tuesday. However, AirTran mechanics — represented by the International Brotherhood of Teamsters — overwhelmingly approved the deal. Southwest mechanics are represented […]