Friday December 8, 2023

Flying the Sky Arrow 650

Last year a new member joined my flying club, Leading Edge Flying Club, and brought with him a 2004 Sky Arrow 650 TNS to expand our fleet. I was immediately intrigued by this aircraft the first time I saw it. It was unlike anything in our fleet or that I had seen as a rental […]

Flying with the Monticello Flying Club

I am such a huge advocate of the General Aviation community. Since becoming a pilot in 2004 I have been amazed by how open and friendly the aviation community is. Whenever I visit new places I try to seek out local pilots to go flying with. It has opened up opportunities to fly in some […]

Flying Club Scholarship Receives 126 Applications

Several months ago I joined forces with three other Chicago based pilots to form Ground Effect Advisors and to offer the first ever scholarship to help create a flying club. We realized that there is a need across the country for new flying clubs to be created to foster more flying and to help keep […]

The First Ever Flying Club Scholarship

I am proud to announce my participation in the creation of the first ever Flying Club Scholarship. It all started several months ago I had the opportunity to join Marc Epner and Al Waterloo, hosts of Simple Flight Radio, for an episode of their show. We spent a few hours talking with Adam Smith, AOPA’s […]

American Eagle union leader blasts American Airlines for sending flying to Republic Airlines

Robert Barrow, president of the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA unit at American Eagle, blasted American Airlines and parent AMR for picking Republic Airlines to begin operating 76-seat commuter jets this summer, rather than using American Eagle: “AMR management’s outsourcing of regional flying is despicable. This is not only a betrayal of American Eagle employees who have […]

Garton: American Eagle will compete for flying of larger regional jets

Dan Garton, president and chief executive of AMR Eagle, told the troops Thursday that the carrier wasn’t able to bid for the flying that American Airlines is sending to Republic Airlines. AMR Eagle was “not in a position to meet a key requirement of securing and financing large regional jets in the timeframe requested,” Garton […]

2012 Year of Flying in Review

Nine States, four aircraft and nearly 40 hours of flying capped of a spectacular 2012. Just two years ago I logged the fewest hours since earning my license in 2004 with just 6.2 hours. About that time I joined the Leading Edge Flying Club. A club focused on the perfect combination of Great People and […]

Flying Eyes Review: Protected Eyes and Comfortable Ears

I recently had the opportunity to test a new take on aviation sunglasses. Flying Eyes have created a pair of sunglasses made specifically for pilots that solve the problems of the temple bar of the sunglasses breaking the seal of ANR headset and the pain associated with that bar. The Flying Eyes can be worn […]

Flying Clubs can Save the Pilot Population One Pilot at a Time

In a dimly-lit doctor’s office in 2009, my wife and I looked at two beating hearts on an ultrasound and immediately realized our lives were about to change. At the time we could never have known how positive the experience would be, but that is for another post. In the weeks after the ultrasound I […]

SkyWest to do flying for American Airlines?

There are rumors afoot that SkyWest is going to announce a deal this week, maybe Wednesday, to operate some regional jets under the American Eagle brand. We asked an American Airlines rep on Tuesday if there was going to be any news about such things. The answer was: not Tuesday, stay tuned. Here’s the gist: […]