Monday June 1, 2020

Flying the T-6 Texan Cross Country: Day Two – I Follow Roads

The sun was just starting to rise over the eastern horizon when we arrived at Hutchinson County Airport in Borger, TX to continue our journey to Chino. After 7.0 hours of flying the previous day, we were nearly halfway there, and the weather continued to make us optimistic that we would make our final destination […]

Flying the T-6 Texan Cross Country: Day One

Last Thursday I kicked off my longest cross country since earning my private pilot’s license in 2004. I joined fellow pilot Mike Meister at Gauntlet Warbirds at Aurora Airport, just outside of Chicago, where we launched in a T-6 Texan (SNJ-5) for a flight to Chino, CA. The Gauntlet Warbirds hangar was a beautiful sight […]

Flying the T-6 Texan to California

When I was learning to fly and would mentioned to friends and family that I was going to log cross country time they often were confused that I was flying just 50 nautical miles away. The FAA requires that a flight between two airports be 50 NM or more for it to count towards various […]

Twin Garden Farms Mirai Corn is Worth Flying For

Every pilot has heard of the proverbial $100 Hamburger, typically a subpar meal used as an excuse to go flying. I have a suggestion to pilots in the midwest: replace your hamburger runs with corn runs. Which is exactly what my Dad and I did this weekend. Several years ago my parents stumbled upon Twin […]

Flying Towards the Tailwheel Endorsement

I learned about Andover Flight Academy in the December issue of AOPA Pilot, where it was positioned as the premier place to earn a tailwheel endorsement. I have always loved the idea of bush flying and flying a taildragger into remote airstrips. Soon after reading the article I found myself in New Jersey and made […]

AirTran to begin flying from Denver and Austin to Cancun

Southwest Airlines, the owner of AirTran Airways, said Friday that AirTran has received U.S. permission to fly from Denver and Austin to Cancun. We can interpret that to mean, also, that Southwest Airlines will someday fly from Denver and Austin to Cancun. Eventually, AirTran will be absorbed into Southwest, and so will its route system. […]

Southwest Airlines to begin flying Atlanta-Los Angeles

Southwest Airlines, which launches its own flights out of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport on Feb. 12, said Wednesday it will operate one round trip a day between Atlanta and Los Angeles beginning June 10. With subsidiary AirTran Airways’ three daily flights, that’ll give the pair four round trips a day. By comparison, Delta Air Lines […]

American, APA reach deal on long-haul flying

In its latest update to members, the Allied Pilots Association said that management and pilot negotiators have agreed on how to staff ultra-long flights not currently covered in the pilot contract. The deal states that “flights scheduled for more than 16 hours of block time will be manned with two captains and two first officers. […]

Want to get a three-year headstart on flying a Boeing 787?

American Airlines has an order for 58 Boeing 787s, plus options on another 42. But the first ones don’t start arriving until third quarter 2014, so there’s going to be a bit of a wait. To tide you over, Boeing and American have set up a mockup of the 787′s flight deck, a simulated simulator […]

Boyd: American Eagle problem is that nobody wants a regional carrier flying a bunch of small airplanes

Aviation consultant Michael Boyd this week expresses doubt about the prospects of a stand-alone American Eagle: “Problem: there simply is not a big market clamor for an operator of predominantly 44-seat and 50-seat jets. In the current airline fleet environment, it’s the equivalent of trying to peddle a litter of stray kittens at a dog […]