Sunday October 1, 2023

APA president: We’re probably 24 to 30 months away from combining pilot seniority lists of American Airlines, US Airways

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American Airlines-US Airways hearing: Written testimony from APA, APFA leaders

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Allied Pilots Association answers questions from American Airlines’ pilots on leadership, other topics

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A few more factoids from the merger agreement between US Airways and American Airlines

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American Airlines cancels about 60 D/FW flights as Nemo disrupts airline traffic to and from the northeastern United States

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US Airways president Scott Kirby nets $1.37 million from stock sale

US Airways president Scott Kirby has filed a disclosure with the Securities and Exchange Commission that he executed a buy and sale of US Airways stock on Tuesday that netted him $1,366,857.80. He acquired 114,862 shares for $3.10 a share, or $356,072.20, and then sold them for $15 a share, or $1,722,930, for a net […]

Happy holidays from Tom Horton

American Airlines has sent out a holiday message from chairman and CEO Tom Horton that says it’s been a tough year but things will be much better going forward. “While we’ve always valued your business, we are especially grateful this year. I hope you join us as we convintiue to evolve, and I’m excited about […]

AMR plans to emerge from bankruptcy in March 2013?

I’ve been reading the series of filings that accompanied Friday’s AMR/American Airlines motion to do away for the lump-sum option in the defined-benefit A Plan, and finding interesting nuggets. Here’s one from the declaration of David Ebenstein, a senior vice president at McKinsey Recovery & Transformation Services U.S., LLC, who estimated the impact of keeping […]

American Airlines to modify Boeing 767 seats to keep them from coming loose

American Airlines will modify 49 of its Boeing 767-300ER jets over the next nine days to make sure that the seats don’t come loose – as happened on some similar Boeing 757s. However, the Boeing 767 work will be done when those airplanes are undergoing overnight maintenance work and won’t require flight cancellations or aircraft […]

Suffering from range anxiety? Dallas/Fort Worth Airport offers charging stations for electric cars

DFW charging station (PHOTO: Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport) Dallas/Fort Worth … [visit site to read more] Tweet This Post