Friday December 8, 2023

Wilson wins full term as president of American Airlines pilot union

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Pilot imposter caught on US Airways plane

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APA president: We’re probably 24 to 30 months away from combining pilot seniority lists of American Airlines, US Airways

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Pilot unions meet with US Airways executives

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US Airways pilot leaders approve transition agreement in case of American-US Airways merger

A US Airways jet taxis near a taxiing American Airlines jet at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (CREDIT: Tom Fox/The Dallas Morning News)

American Airlines’ pilot group provides update on interim agreement talks

A potential American Airlines Inc. merger may not happen during its bankruptcy unless pilot groups there and at US Airways Group Inc. can agree on interim contract terms, American’s pilot union contends. Read my full story published today about the issues. The four parties met yesterday and Thursday to negotiate an interim … [visit site […]

Horton to talk to pilot union leadership Thursday

Allied Pilots Association president Keith Wilson told members Wednesday that American Airlines chairman and CEO Tom Horton will address the union’s board of directors Thursday. Wilson said Horton will discuss “the state of the airline’s restructuring and his view of the future.” “As the new owners of a significant percentage of the restructured airline, it’s […]

How do we interpret the involvement of the American Airlines and US Airways pilot unions?

Okay, do we conclude that the decision to bring in the Allied Pilots Association and the US Airline Pilots Association is a sure sign that there’s going to be a merger? Answer: We don’t know. But many are certainly see it that way. And why invite them in if the two airlines aren’t moving toward […]

Oklahoma governor, North Texas leaders applaud new American Airlines pilot contract

Yes, Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin, Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings, Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price and Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport CEO Jeff Fegan did take time out from their busy schedules Friday to take note of, and give their approval to, the passage of a new contract by American Airlines pilots. But consider that American’s maintenance […]

Random stats: American Airlines pilot numbers

We were running some numbers off the Bureau of Transportation Statistics site on Friday about American Airlines pilots. We found them interesting. For example, I didn’t realize that nearly two of every five pilots is now considered international. In 1992, it was just under one of every five. Since 1992, total AA pilot jobs have declined 5.7 […]