Tuesday May 30, 2023

Allied Pilots Association answers questions from American Airlines’ pilots on leadership, other topics

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US Airways pilots approve agreement on merger with American Airlines

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American Airlines’ pilots union board has reached a transition agreement regarding a posible merger with US Airways

American Airlines’ pilots union said its board of directors has reached a transition agreement regarding a potential merger with US Airways, but several other parties still must approve a pact. The Allied Pilots Association’s board of directors voted 11-5 to approve a “memorandum of understanding” that “would serve as a framework for an agreement” if […]

The pilots’ union at American Airlines stresses the importance of reaching a transition agreement regarding a possible merger (Updated 10:30 p.m. with American response)

The Allied Pilots Association today said if a transitional agreement isn’t reached between American Airlines and US Airways’ management and the union representing US Airways pilots, then a merger between the two carriers in bankruptcy isn’t likely. APA president Keith Wilson tonight sent a letter saying as much to its members after its board of […]

Should US Airways and American Airlines merge? Mitch thinks so; some AA pilots don’t

We have this sense that things are coming to a head in the potential US Airways-American Airlines merger, with the caveat that our psychic senses aren’t worth squat. But since we’re lousy at predicting the future and not that great at predicting the past, we offer these tidbits from people who have things to say: […]

American Airlines wants to shorten time to get court approval of pilots’ contract

About an hour after the Allied Pilots Association announced that American Airlines pilots had approved a new contract with the carrier, American filed papers in U.S. Bankruptcy Court asking to shorten the time needed to get a judge’s blessing for the contract. One rule in bankruptcy court requires at least 21 days’ notice before a […]

American Airlines: Too many pilots will retire if they can take their pensions as a lump sum

American Airlines filed a motion Friday in U.S. Bankruptcy Court to take away a pilot’s option to collect his or her pension as a lump sum rather than in monthly payments. In its memorandum of law in support of the motion, American said that option would be too attractive for pilots once they can again […]

American Airlines to recall furloughed pilots beginning in early 2013

American Airlines will begin recalling furloighed pilots in early 2013, the carrier told pilots Wednesday. “Right now, we are looking at about 40 pilots a month with the first class on Jan. 9, 2013,” said John Hale, the airline’s vice president of flight, in a hotline to members. “Announcing the recall now allows pilots on […]

APA president advises American Airlines pilots not to play Russian roulette by voting down proposed contract

In a message Tuesday afternoon to American Airlines pilots, Allied Pilots Association president Keith Wilson advised that it would be smarter to take the deal negotiated by the union than to hope for something better. Among his comments: – “While martyrdom in the manner of Eastern Airlines is one option, I do not believe that […]

US Airways pilots want to find out what’s going on in merger discussions

The US Airlines Pilots Association, which represents US Airways pilots, wants a bankruptcy judge to let them find out what’s going on in the merger talks between American Airlines and US Airways. The union filed a motion Friday in U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Sean Lane’s court asking to be allowed to conduct discovery and depositions from […]