Tuesday May 30, 2023

AMFA says it filed names, but NMB won’t let it on ballot for American Airlines mechanics

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National Air Traffic Controllers Association representative says staff shortage created “domino effect” yesterday at D/FW Airport

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Leonidas responds to USAPA lawsuit, says it has asked that case be transferred to Phoenix

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Analyst says an AMR-US Airways merger ‘feels more likely’ now

Airline analyst Hunter Keay of Wolfe Trahan sees the chances for an AMR merger with US Airways on the rise. In a research note Friday, he cites four reasons, and I quote: (1) APA [the Allied Pilots Association at American Airlines] last week approved a transition agreement, presumably with the input of other creditors, on how […]

APFA says it has approved a merger ‘memorandum of understanding’

The Association of Professional Flight Attendants issued this statement just after 9:30 p.m. Thursday: “APFA has agreed to a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), clarifying several points contained within the Bridge Agreement the union signed with US Airways last Spring. This MOU further illuminates the financial benefits of a merger to AMR’s creditors. APFA is currently […]

‘We’re tired of waiting,’ USAPA president says in explaining why the union wants info about AA-US talks

Following on the heels of the union’s court filing Friday, the  president of the US Airlines Pilots Association sent a message to members explaining why the union wants to see documents and question officials involved in the merger discussions between American Airlines and US Airways. Here’s the letter from Gary Hummel: November 16, 2012 President’s […]

Pilots’ union says American Airlines management is “listening” in current round of negotiations

Talks between the union representing pilots at American Airlines Inc. and management appear to be going well, though no agreements have been reached yet. “While there are some very difficult issues yet to be resolved, we feel management is clearly listening to our issues and acknowledges that they need to be addressed,” the Allied Pilots […]

American Airlines sends layoff warning notices to more than 11,000 employees, but says actual job cuts will be far fewer

American Airlines has sent layoff warning notices to more than 11,000 employees, but a spokesman said the company expects job cuts related to its bankruptcy restructuring would be 4,400 or fewer. The Fort Worth-based carrier on Monday sent letters to mechanics, ground workers, store clerks and airport agents company-wide. No letters went to flight attendants […]

NMB says Congress didn’t intend union voting rules to apply retroactively

In a federal court filing Tuesday, the National Mediation Board said that Congress never intended to retroactively apply a higher standard for union representation elections, and said a vote by American Airlines passenger service agents should proceed. In February, Congress passed legislation that requires a “showing of interest” from 50 percent of the airline employees […]

Doug Parker says US Airways has ‘tremendous financial support’ for an American Airlines merger

US Airways Group chairman and chief executive officer Doug Parker told shareholders Thursday that a merger between his airline and American Airlines has “tremendous financial support.” Parker said he understands that American and the unsecured creditors committee will begin entertaining strategic alternatives like a merger after U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Sean Lane rules on American’s motion […]