Sunday October 1, 2023

Southwest Airlines says it has deal with dispatchers

Southwest Airlines announced late Wednesday that it has a tentative agreement with its dispatchers, represented by the Transport Workers Union. The deal covers five years to November 2014. The current contract became amendable in November 2009. The National Mediation Board became involved in early 2011. “I am extremely proud of both negotiation teams and their […]

American Airlines says revised TWU deal would save over 3,000 jobs

In the wake of the Transit Workers Union’s release of its US Airways term sheets, American Airlines spokesman Bruce Hicks issued this statement: “As we’ve said from the start, American Airlines’ goal is to reach consensual agreements with all of our unions. That’s why we’ve worked hard with the TWU over the last several weeks […]

American Airlines was kicking the can while it was limping along, executive says

NEW YORK – On Tuesday, American Airlines chief restructuring officer Beverly Goulet described American’s pre-bankruptcy strategy – try to get the best labor deals it could and hope other airlines’ costs catch up – as the “limp-along” strategy. American’s senior vice president of human resources, Jeff Brundage, confirmed that term, and threw out another phrase […]

TWU says vote on AA contract will likely be soon

In its Wednesday update, the Transport Workers Union said a vote on American Airlines’ last contract offer could come “very soon.” Here’s the update: TWU MEMBERS TO SOON VOTE ON AA FINAL OFFERS. Our negotiators are still in Dallas awaiting the final full text language on AA’s last concessionary ask. We are still attempting to […]

Judge says let’s hurry it up if we can

U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Sean Lane urged the parties in the Section 1113 case Tuesday to do what they can to speed up the case or, at least, not bog it down. The hearings went from 10 a.m. to after 6 p.m. in Monday with an hour lunch break, and Tuesday is going to go as […]

Bloomberg: American exec says pilots don’t support a US Airways merger

Bloomberg reports that American Airlines vice president of flight John Hale told higher ups in a letter that American’s pilots have doubts about a US Airways merger. “I’m confident pilots will continue to be very skeptical about US Airways’ ability to integrate separate workforces or grow the combined company,” Hale wrote in a letter. “The […]

American Airlines says it’ll wait for NMB before responding to binding arbitration proposal

American Airlines will respond to its unions’ request for binding arbitration when the National Mediation Board asks for a response, the carrier indicated Friday. And, to contradict what we wrote Thursday evening, the binding arbitration request is under Section 7 of the Railway Labor Act. That’s a key difference. Other sections that cover traditional collective […]

American Airlines says January loads increase as traffic goes up and capacity goes down

American Airlines said Monday that January traffic increased 1.4 percent despite a 2.1 percent decline in capacity. All numbers are in comparison to January 2011. American filled 78.5 percent of its seats in January, up 2.7 points from the same month in 2011. Here’s the breakdown by segment Region Traffic Capacity Load factor Change Domestic […]

APFA says American has 500 too many flight attendants for March

The Association of Professional Flight Attendants told members Sunday that American Airlines is looking for volunteers for leaves to avoid a surplus of flight attendants next month. Here’s the hotline: “This week American announced that they would be opening voluntary options to help manage a current overage of 500 Flight Attendants. This overage is a […]

American says we don’t want these 18 airplanes, thank you

American Airlines filed a motion Friday to reject the leases or to abandon 18 aircraft, plus various spare engines. The list includes 11 Boeing 757-200s, average age 21.4 years; six McDonnell Douglas MD-80s, average age 18.5 years; and one Airbus A300, 20.2 years old. Here’s the list of airplanes, for those who are scoring at […]