Tuesday May 30, 2023

KLM returns to seasonal service between Amsterdam and Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport

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American, US Airways boast thousands of employees with 35+ years of service

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WestJet launches daily service to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport

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Southwest Airlines begins service to Branson, Mo.

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AirTran to start Chicago service to Jamaica, the Dominican Republic

AirTran Airways will begin service from Chicago Midway to two Caribbean destinations beginning this spring, parent Southwest Airlines said Thursday. It’ll operate flights four days a week to Montego Bay, Jamaica, beginning April 14, and four days a week to Punta Cana, the Dominican Republic, beginning May 19. By that time, we expect Southwest and […]

No. 7 on our top 10 stories of 2012: CWA wins battle to hold vote of American Airlines passenger service agents

It took a year to get to this point, but the Communications Workers of America finally won the right to ask passenger service agents at American Airlines if they wanted to be represented by the CWA. The CWA on Dec. 7, 2011, had asked the National Mediation Board to declare that it had presented enough […]

Sorry, AA fleet service clerks, I didn’t mean to cut your pay

I got a call from a fleet service clerk at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport who said that his fellow employees are very upset. They had read my story that they were getting a 2 percent pay cut. Well, I apologize. You’re not getting a 2 percent pay cut, even though the document labeled “Ratified Contract” on […]

American Eagle to launch DFW service to Puebla, Mexico

American Eagle plans to launch a daily round trip Nov. 15 between Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport and Puebla, Mexico, the carrier said Monday. For those not familiar with Puebla, the good-sized Mexican city is southeast of Mexico City, about 50 miles by air, maybe 80 miles from center to center by … [visit site to […]

American Airlines passenger service agents object to law firm’s hiring

The Ad Hoc Committee of Passenger Service Agents filed an objection Wednesday to American Airlines’ proposal to hire law firm Kelly Hart to work on labor law issues. The committee said American and parent AMR have hired four law firms to focus on labor issues since they filed for bankruptcy on Nov. 29, at a […]

Southwest Airlines celebrates new service between Washington, Austin

From left, U.S. Rep. Michael McCaul, U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison and Southwest Airlines board member Dr. William Cunningham wield the scissors to launch flights between Austin and Washington National. (CREDIT: Austin-Bergstrom International Airport) As we’ve noted here before, Southwest Airlines now has the right to operate one daily flight between Austin Bergstrom and Ronald […]