Tuesday May 30, 2023

Southwest Airlines union seems to be having some disunity

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Some more background on the IAM-TWU agreement

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Here’s some information about employee travel at US Airways and American Airlines

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Some more Qs and As about the US Airways-American Airlines merger

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Some photos of American Airlines 777-300ER

We’ve got some photos of the interior of the new Boeing 777-300ERs that American Airlines will put into commercial service beginning Thursday. Some of American’s best customers like AAdvantage Executive Platinum members got a preview Tuesday night. This is actually the second 777-300ER that American has received. It will depart soon for the Victorville, Calif., […]

Some details of the USAPA memo of understanding

This isn’t new news, but I don’t think we ever put up many details of the “memorandum of understanding” that US Airways pilots will be voting on through Feb. 8. If one can read between the lines of the full 20-page briefing document that the US Airline Pilots Association sent to its members, the paper […]

Should US Airways and American Airlines merge? Mitch thinks so; some AA pilots don’t

We have this sense that things are coming to a head in the potential US Airways-American Airlines merger, with the caveat that our psychic senses aren’t worth squat. But since we’re lousy at predicting the future and not that great at predicting the past, we offer these tidbits from people who have things to say: […]

Communications Workers of America activists and some American Airlines’ workers are handing leaflets to passengers at the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport & 14 other airports (Updated with leaflet and American comment, 2:45 p.m.)

Communications Workers of America activists and some American Airlines’ workers today are handing out leaflets to passengers at 15 U.S. airports, including the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, … [visit site to read more] Tweet This Post

American Airlines holds off on implementing some contract items unpopular with pilots

Laura Einspanier, American Airlines vice president of employee relations, informed pilots Tuesday night that the air carrier would hold off on implementing some unpopular changes to the pilots’ terms of employment. Among the items being deferred for October were plans to eliminate night pay, and to pay pilots for actual time flown on international flights […]

Some theories on American Airlines’ operational problems

The numbers clearly show that American Airlines began suffering many more delayed and cancelled flights as of Sept. 13. I didn’t take logic in college, so my logic may be flawed. But I see four possibilities to explain this. 1. The Wonderful One-Hoss Shay theory. You know the Oliver Wendell Holmes poem? It talked about […]