Friday December 8, 2023

Transport Workers Union president calls for stop to “unacceptable and reckless” behavior by some in its ranks at American Airlines

James C. Little, international president of the Transport Workers Union, last night issued a letter to its members at American Airlines Inc., calling for certain “unacceptable and reckless conduct” to stop. “Within minutes” of U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Sean Lane’s denial Wednesday of American’s request to abrogate the collective bargaining agreement of its pilots, Little said […]

Details on American Eagle term sheets for pilots, flight attendants, some ground workers

American Eagle has posted the term sheets it gave its unions Friday. Here’s the ones I found from that day (not the ones presented from March): AFA Final Term Sheet July 13, 2012 ALPA Final Term Sheet July 13, 2012 TWU OPERATIONS COORDINATORS AND FLIGHT DISPATCHERS July 13, 2012 TWU GROUND SCHOOL INSTRUCTORS July 13, […]

APFA reports ‘some progress’ in American Airlines contract talks

The Association of Professional Flight Attendants sent out a midday update Friday that was short on details: “APFA met with the company this week in an effort to seek improvements to the Term Sheet AA has been trying to implement via bankruptcy court. Some progress has been made and President Glading will be briefing the […]

Some photos from Friday’s march

It’s been a busy day, so I’m a little late — a lot late — in posting a few photos from Friday’s march on American Airlines headquarters. Employees wait outside AMR/American Airlines headquarters in Fort Worth while union leaders present petitions to the company. From left, Allied Pilots Association president Dave Bates, Association of Professional […]

We have some big issues coming up Thursday in bankruptcy court

We have some major issues up for discussion when U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Sean Lane holds a hearing in the AMR/American Airlines bankruptcy case at noon EDT Thursday in New York City: 1. The judge will hear several matters tied to the Allied Pilots Association lawsuit which seeks to have the National Mediation Board control the […]

Some more details on AMR’s pension plans

AMR on Thursday shared some info that it sent out last week to managers, to wit: • Regarding the $6.5 million contribution, AMR told managers that “generally, companies in Chapter 11 are prohibited by law from paying pre-chapter 11 liabilities; however, contributions to fund benefits that accrue post-petition may be made. As a result, American […]

American Eagle to stop ATR service out of DFW, drop some routes

American Eagle will stop flying its ATR-72 turboprop aircraft out of Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport by Jan. 31, American Eagle’s president and CEO told employees Tuesday. Eagle will continue to serve the 14 ATR markets from DFW with a combination of EMB-140 and EMB-145 jets,” Dan Garton said in a letter. “We anticipate that the […]

Some more quotes from the Southwest Airlines-Boeing announcement

We were actually off work on Tuesday, which is why we wrote only three Airline Biz items, one online story Tuesday and one longer story for print and online for Wednesday about the big Boeing airplane purchase by Southwest Airlines. But there was more that we wanted to share, so a day late, here is […]

Some other tidbits about this and that on the AMR and American Airlines bankruptcy

• American Airlines has told the Transport Workers Union that the two tentative agreements out there between the airline and the union – one for dispatchers, the other for fleet service/ground workers – are kaput. “In light of the changed circumstances resulting from the Chapter 11 filing, American will not proceed to finalize the tentative […]

Some idle thoughts for Friday about American Airlines, AMR and negotiations

1. We probably do have a situation where American has offered its pilots a contract that is both industry-leading and concessionary. 2. It’s not just what you’re paid. It’s also a sense that you haven’t gotten a pay raise in a long time. 3. The Allied Pilots Association and American Airlines only last week got […]