Tuesday May 30, 2023

Tom Horton talks about the leadership at the new American Airlines Group

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Horton talks up April 2013 financial results

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Horton talks about rebranding and a possible merger

American Airlines chairman and CEO Tom Horton unveiled American’s new livery and logo Thursday as the whispers of merger with US Airways continue to grow louder. In fact, Horton obliquely acknowledged at Thursday morning’s press conference that some reporters may have thought that the press conference was going to discuss a merger. Tweet This Post

American Airlines’ pilot group provides update on interim agreement talks

A potential American Airlines Inc. merger may not happen during its bankruptcy unless pilot groups there and at US Airways Group Inc. can agree on interim contract terms, American’s pilot union contends. Read my full story published today about the issues. The four parties met yesterday and Thursday to negotiate an interim … [visit site […]

American Airlines flight attendants sign non-disclosure agreement, will join merger talks

The Association of Professional Flight Attendants, which represents American Airlines flight attendants, disclosed Thursday that it has signed a non-disclosure agreement to join the private talks about a US Airways-American merger. The agreement “gives us further opportunity to affect the potential merger as we engage in direct and confidential discussions with key stakeholders,” the union […]

APA will join US Airways-American Airlines merger talks

The Allied Pilots Association said it’s been invited to the US Airways-American Airlines merger discussions, and has accepted the invitation. Here’s the Monday evening hotline: “The Unsecured Creditors’ Committee has invited APA to join in the ongoing non-disclosure arrangement between AMR and US Airways under which they have been developing a potential merger plan. “In response, […]

‘We’re tired of waiting,’ USAPA president says in explaining why the union wants info about AA-US talks

Following on the heels of the union’s court filing Friday, the  president of the US Airlines Pilots Association sent a message to members explaining why the union wants to see documents and question officials involved in the merger discussions between American Airlines and US Airways. Here’s the letter from Gary Hummel: November 16, 2012 President’s […]

Letter offers details of American Airlines-Allied Pilots Association talks

We have a letter that an American Airlines pilot shared with me. This pilot has credibility with me, so I’m putting it out here. The letter writer appears to have inside knowledge of the American-Allied Pilots Association negotiations. His indication is that the two sides are very, very close to an agreement, but that the […]

APA board to discuss possible return to contract talks

Allied Pilots Association president Keith Wilson sent a letter to pilots Monday evening with this message: “This afternoon I received a letter from Denise Lynn, American Airlines’ Senior Vice President-People, expressing the desire to re-engage in negotiations with APA. In response, I have scheduled a special meeting of the APA Board of Directors that will […]

Jack Butler talks consensual agreements, short fuses, equity stakes and other matters in American Airlines bankruptcy case

After Tuesday’s hearing in New York, I wanted to catch up with Jack Butler, the lead counsel for the unsecured creditors committee in the AMR/American Airlines/American Eagle bankruptcy case. He had said in open court that there had to be a deal between American and the Allied Pilots Association for American to get approval of […]