In Friday’s Dallas Morning News, we have a story about a new pet boarding facility at the northeast edge of Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. Open house is Saturday, noon to 2 p.m. on the far eastern end of N. Airfield Drive.

What was unusual in the reporting was that my conversation with the principals didn’t just cover their business, but also their pets.

We have the founder and top dog, Saq Nadeem, who told me about his four pets.

First, there’s Gucci, a white, long-haired cat. “He’s really like a dog,” Nadeem told me. Gucci runs around a lot, lets you know when he’s hungry.

Second, there’s Versace, a female cat who like Gucci was adopted. As opposed to Gucci, “she’s like a cat. She lets you know when she wants to be petted and when she wants to be left along. Versace is definitely her own self.”

And there are his two dogs, Vera (as in Vera Wang) and Lucia (as in Lucia Prada), both of whom are blue weimaraners.

Vera was Saq’s first official dog. “She’s spoiled, and I’m proud of it. … I’m proud of spoiling my pets.”

Lucia is a young dog, who turned one year old last Sunday.

Gucci, probably because he thinks he’s a dog, gets along with all the other pets. Versace, not so much. Lucia, a big puppy, comes up to play with Versace, who is not amused.

Johanna Newcomb, the chief barketing officer, has a fine-looking dog, George, a Vizsla. I learned from her that a Vizsla is a Hungarian pointer.

Johanna and George Nov. 9, 2011.JPGJohanna Newcomb and dog George in Paradise 4 Pets’ massage room (CREDIT: Kye R. Lee / The Dallas Morning News)

While I had never heard of the breed, my editor informed me as he was reading my story that in fact his family owned four Vizslas as hunting dogs when he was growing up. Good dogs, he tells me.

The first one was called Zsa Zsa, but the three males that came after Zsa Zsa were called more manly names that other hunters wouldn’t snicker at: Franz Joseph; his son, Archduke Ferdinand, commonly known as Duke; and Crown Prince Rudolph. But I digress.

As Johanna said in our story, “I’m a little obsessed with my dog, and I’m been through the difficulty of finding places that are nice enough for him to stay at. And even if they catered to dogs well, they didn’t cater to humans.”

Handling public relations in the North Texas market for Paradise 4 Paws is Andrea Kavanagh. She asked me about my dog, Buffy. So I sent her a picture. Then she sent me a picture of her five-month-old puppy, Margaret, which Andrea describes as looking like a Snuggle bear.

Sometimes it’s a dog-greet-dog world these days.

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