The US Airlines Pilots Association, which represents US Airways pilots, wants a bankruptcy judge to let them find out what’s going on in the merger talks between American Airlines and US Airways.

The union filed a motion Friday in U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Sean Lane’s court asking to be allowed to conduct discovery and depositions from the two airlines. A hearing is scheduled the morning of Dec. 11 before Judge Lane.

(And we had been wondering why attorneys for USAPA filed requests earlier in the week seeking permission to appear before Judge Lane.)

Here’s the basic reasoning that USAPA gave for wanting to get information about the US Airways-American discussions:

“As this Court is well aware, Debtors and US Airways are negotiating the terms of a possible merger as part of the bankruptcy process.

“The union representing American Airlines pilots, the Allied Pilots Association (the “APA”), has been provided certain information by Debtors and US Airways that is relevant to such a merger, its prospects of success, and its effect on the pilots of the merged airlines.”

Debtors are likewise providing certain related information to US Airways pursuant to a publicly announced non-disclosure agreement. Debtors, the APA, and US Airways have already drafted agreements expressly designed to shape post-merger labor arrangements in a merged airline.

“The proposed merger between Debtors and US Airways will affect USAPA and its pilots to the same extent it will affect the APA, but USAPA has not been provided critical information about the terms of the proposed combination and USAPA needs such information to ensure a fair and effective merger.”

UPDATE, 3:15 p.m.: No, thanks, American says. “We do not believe USAPA has the standing to seek this information and we intend to object to their motion,” American spokesman Bruce Hicks said.

Below, we have more from the USAPA filing about its request.  … [visit site to read more]

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